9 hours every day. That’s how much time teens are using screens daily. And, that number doesn’t include school or homework. Don’t think it’s much different for younger kids; they spends 6 non-educational hours a day on their devices!

Let’s face it, our kids are on screens nearly all the time, and they can’t put them down. Sounds a lot like they’re addicted! I’m not sure we asked for this, but in the digital age, it falls on parents to manage kids’ time on screens and make sure they develop lifelong healthy screen habits.

But it’s hard to do. Given that the average family has 10 to 12 devices – meaning many of us have MORE – iPad, Kindle, iPhone, android, PC, xBox, PlayStation, Roku, Chromecast, Kano, AppleTV… I could go on – no matter how much we try,  it’s almost impossible for parents to manage so many screens over so much time.

This is why I created Screen, one system that allows you, the parent, to manage ALL the kids’ devices at any giving moment, anywhere you are, and anywhere your kids go.

It’s Easy to Setup

All you need to do is plug the Screen box to your TV, download the app, and you’re all set to start managing all devices. It’s that simple!

Screen Works When Devices are Online or Unconnected

Once setup, Screen works independent of wifi, 4G, or internet connection. No internet. No problem. Using Screen, your kids can’t  Minecraft – offline –  when it’s time for dinner!

When Screen Turns off a Device, It’s Off

When it’s time for kids’ to be off their device, Screen will lock the device, so it cannot be used online or offline. Any device you want them off  – is off. No more texting at 1am in bed, period!

Screen Works ANYWHERE

ANYWHERE  kids and their devices go – home, school, soccer practice, even at their friends’ houses. And, it works from anywhere YOU are. Whether you’re at home, work, or an airport in Bangkok, you can see WHERE and WHEN a device is being used and on WHAT apps or sites  it’s being used. You’ll know when it’s time to call home!

Screen is Flexible.

Turn off, or add/subtract time on any device with a single swipe. If my son hasn’t  finished his homework before Screen rules will shut down his computer, I can add time with a single swipe on the Screen dashboard – from home or anywhere I might be.

Screen has changed my family’s life. It’s allowed us all (I’ll share a secret; it’s really hard for me to stop checking emails into the night) to put away our devices , sometimes.  I know Screen can do the same to you!


Kids' Screen Time
Kids’ Screen Time

PS Read the statistics on screen use and pre-order the solution right now!