Credit Donna Stevens
Image credit Donna Stevens

Photographer Donna Stevens created a series of shots of toddlers watching TV. She wanted to explore the reality of life, in this case an artistic way to show how mind-numbing screen time is.

As a mom of three I am no stranger to this look. The look every parent sees when his/her kids sit in front of the TV. The passive, zoned out “zombie” look. I dare you to engage in a conversation with a child who’s watching TV – it’s impossible. They are “glued” to it and it is our job to get them unstuck.

There is nothing wrong with a little bit of screen time. The problem starts when that little bit becomes a lot.

6 hours per day  – that’s how long kids spend on electronic devices.  This number jumps to 9 hours as they are become teens. This by the way, excludes time spent on school related work. Studies show  that half of the time our kids our doing something, the TV is on, too.

50% is a lot of time to rock the “zombie look”!

How can we change that? By setting time limitations on screen usage, and teaching our kids healthy media habits. It starts at the age f 3 when our cute little toddler asks for the remote to watch his show, and continue as our kids grow.
The next time you are considering turning on the TV, remember the following image and go do something else…