It is hard to find things to do while off our electronic devices! That is why our parenting advisors recommend thinking of alternative for screens not as the device is not available, but ahead of time while we are not stuck on playing with it.

Screen parenting advisors suggest parents to come up with one idea for alternatives, while the kids come up with the rest.

I did it too! But before I discussed alternatives with my kids, I was brainstorming with my husband on what alternatives we can suggest to them. Playing outside at the backyard is one, riding their bikes is another, playing basketball…

For a rainy day we suggested arts and crafts, board games, cooking. But I know I had to be more specific, so I googled! I came across some great sites that can help, and I thought I should share them with you.

Remember, alternatives to screen time should be age appropriate :)

Food network offers some cool recipes for cooking with kids. For Sesame Street fans, here are some more.

Here are some (expected) arts & crafts.

For the scientists among us, some fun science experiences. We can let them experience alone (risking a messy kitchen) or with us.

Screen time alternatives according to age suggested by Be fun mum  (2-5 years old), Scholastic (3-5 years old),Family education (for 6-10 years old kids).

Screen lets you set those alternatives and when the rules apply your kids will see their list of alternatives. Now they can go choose to do one of them or maybe come up with something new to do!