Back-to-School1School is open, yeah!!! I can’t tell you how much I missed those school days!

The yellow school busses, the rush of getting ready in the morning, the kids’ stories from school, but most of all I missed the routine.
I think I am not the only one, my kids missed their routing as well (don’t ask them because they’ll never admit that).
Waking up at a regular hour (not so much the process of waking them up as my kids are not the early bird type), having structured activities, dinner at the same time, and bedtime in a regular hour.
As much as my kids will never admit that, I know they missed that too.

While on summer break, schedule was fluid and with it screen time was fluid. They ended up consuming screens for more than I want them to.
Whenever they were board their goto was a screen. Summer in NY is a challenge. Between the heat and the thunder it’s not always easy to go outside, but that should never be an excuse as it never stopped us!
Now summer is over, and we are back at school. Which gives us an opportunity for a change, or better, a change back to a routine. With that routine comes our routine boundaries.

One afternoon after school, we sat down as a family and spoke about what should be our screen time rules.
As school time enables my family to enforce screen time rules again, these are the rules we came up with:
No screens while eating.
No screens while sleeping.
No screens while doing homework.

Take advantage of the new school year and think of what are your home rules for screens and set them.
It’s easier than you think, and settings them together helps get the kids to buy into them even more.
For a great school year to us all!

By @TaliOrad