Image credit Cam King

1. Encourage technology free time. And when it’s that time, turn their phones to ‘airplane mode’ and have them sign off for a little bit.

2. This is our favorite – Turn off ‘push notifications’ on their phone.

3. Avoid Social media when it’s time to do other activities.

4. Give them a dedicated time to play on the phone in the evening. If possible have them use the Yellow Glasses for a better night sleep.

5. Remove your phone from your bedroom at night.

6. Pick up a book instead of your phone.

7. Go hang outside, and yes – keep the phone at the house.

8. Suggest to him/her to stack all phones at place by the dinner table (not on it) while out enjoying coffee, frozen yogurt, or pizza with their friends.

9. Can you go somewhere without using the GPS? Challenge them to look up directions before they leave the house.

10. Use the phone only for music streaming, no videos, no nothing – just them and their music. Relax!

Let us know how it goes…

By @TaliOrad