glasses credit Ray Ban

We don’t need this Ray Ban’s glasses ad to realize we have a problem!

Our team from all over the world took pictures of people on their devices. We were (not) surprised to see where kids and adults took their devices.
The vet’s office, Starbucks with friends, the nail salon, dinner. Some were even on their phones while enjoying a live band, our (not) favorite one is the lead singer took a phone out while the band kept on playing…

vet-c credit Tali Orad

starbucks1c credit Tali Orad

starbucks2c credit Shahar Michel

menicure credit Tali Orad

IMG_1353c credit Tali Orad

Do you see yourself in any of these photos?

We challenge you to take a screen break and enjoy the moment, spend time with your friend, have dinner as a family while all devices are away.


By @TaliOrad