Scotty on the xBox with Screen
I love this photo! I took it while filming for our video just a few days ago as we were getting ready to launch Screen.
Scotty is playing on the xBox and enjoying every second. I love seeing him enjoy it. But I also love having conversations with the kids. And this is where Screen comes in….

I found the problem of trying to put healthy limits on screen time with my family a major challenge. Between Minecraft, texting, watching videos and the Xbox, I had enough.
We all know the statistics, kids spend 6 hours a day on screens, and that jumps to 9 hours a day when they become teens – this is excluding school and homework!

This is almost their entire free time.

I am a concerned mom with an engineering background and I put that to use to solve the problem of managing ALL screens in my family. It’s not enough to manage kids’ screen time. Helping parents  teach our kids to  balance time on screens with time spent without them is our mission.  The same way we make sure our kids learn healthy eating habits, in the digital age, we need to teach them healthy screen habits.

Today, following the backing from our venture partners, I am sharing our solution with you.

One of a kind solution. Manage everything.

Screen is a one of a kind home automation solution that can seamlessly manage and turn off ALL electronic devices your family uses (including the TV and the game console!). All from a parent’s mobile app, which also shows how and where kids devices are being used.

Not just WiFi. Screen works anywhere you and your kids go

Our families are all over the place after school and on weekends.  That’s why Screen works wherever our kids and their devices go – school, home, soccer practice – anywhere. Screen also works regardless of where you are. Even from the office, you can know what your kids are doing, and also know long they’ve been using their devices. This way we can know whether it’s time to have a conversation with them about their screen usage, or as a last resort, power them down remotely.

We all buy in

Screen has changed my family’s life!  
Our family came together, agreed on some ground rules and now screen makes all of us stick to them, including me!

Manage your devices. Reconnect your family.

Check it out

Here I am at video shoot.
Tali Orad, founder of Screen
I hope Screen can help your family the same way it’s helped mine

Tali Orad, Founder and CEO of Screen